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Second Home : A new Normal

Interest for a second home is always on demand regardless of the Housing market. With homebuyers benefiting from numerous business sectors, presently may likewise be an ideal opportunity to purchase that second home that you’ve been contemplating.

Planet-I group shares some of the reasons why Second home is becoming a new normal in today’s time

A Wise decision

Having a second home is not an ordinary luxury which will depreciate with time, instead it’s a wise investment which grows with time. Also investing in real estate is always secure investment. It’s always advised to buy a property for future as the ROI is assured in future.

Cherry on Top

Investing in real estate is great, but what’s even better is – Investing in land , where you can build your dream Home. It is a cherry on top for real estate investment, as its the most secured assets in every kind of investment. Considering the current situation of Covid-19 pandemic, as social distancing has become order of the day, buyers are tilting towards bigger home and more private space. Raise in sale of spacious properties and plotting projects in gated community around metro cities is the clear indication of change in taste of buyers. Real estate lobby in Pune has adopted this buying behaviour and are developing NA plots with the comfort of all luxurious amenities in a gated community, where customer can buy plot and build their dream home the way they wanted. The best part of such project is you get financial convenience by bank for buying a piece of land.

Safe Investment :-

As an investment, a second property has many benefits. First of all its safe & Secured. You can use it as a luxury holiday/weekend home for when you want to get away from the chaos of urban life. And, when not in use, you can rent it our & earn some extra income. It can be your Retirement Adobe in future & can be an investment at present. In the future, if needed, you can always sell the second home & handle the monetary obligations. You can always use it as a rental home which will bring you additional income with not extra cost.


Investing money in a second home is a profitable option as there are many benefits as discussed above. Its always a WIN-WIN situation, when you invest in real estate property , may it be the house or the land, but building your second Home in your own land is something special to look for.

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