Bungalow Plots in gated community

Buying land or plot has become a first-class entity these days especially in the big cities like Pune because the land is scarce asset and the pride is associated with having your own plot where you can build the house as per your prerequisite. If you plan to own your dream bungalow on a residential land oneday (near or far future), Planeti group has brought this article just for you. 

 Why buy Residential NA Plots?

 Pune city has a wide range of developing area and come up as an upstanding city. There are so many towers building up all around specially in the IT corporation areas. In the beautiful city like Pune with great plantation and vegetation it is necessary to buy the Residential NA Plots to enjoy the luxury of the fresh air and admiring the beauty from your very own residential NA plots. The best part this luxury is in reach to all amenities like hospital, educational institutes, transportation, grocery,shopping mall etc.

 Benefits of Residential NA Plots

 1.It offers greater flexibility: When purchasing an apartment, buyers are often restricted to the architect’s visualization of the home style and interiors. Only a   few customization to the property may be accommodated and changing the outline of the home is completely out of question. A residential NA plot of land, in distinctive & is like an empty canvas to build your ideal home.

 2.Secured Gated Community: The Residential NA Plots come up with the secured gated community. Providing greater security to the residents, with higher  property values than the non-gated neighbors. A proper space for the children and old age people to spend their quality time, that too under Surveillance.

3.Maintenance Cost : These Residential NA Plots are low in maintenance as compared to the apartments. There are no extra charges. All the expenses you do is  as per your preference and requirement so far.

  1. No Gap between Possession & PurchaseIn NA Plots Land you get a plot to be customized and build as per the time frame suited to you with security and similar  facilities as is an apartment. But when it comes to buying an apartment investments are done when it is under construction &  the time frame to be set is as per the builder. It takes a lot more time to take a possession in apartment as compared to the residential na plots. 


5. Land Appreciates : The most attractive part of the NA Land is that it appreciates more fast as compared to the residential apartments. Therefore, it   is considered as the great investment deal for an individual and more valuable investment for future purpose.

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