Behind the gate: Worth it or not?

Bungalow Plots in gated community
  In today’s nuclear world, Gated communities are like virtual family that people are looking for. You can think of it as a big joint family without intruding your own space.In this article let’s explore a few of the perks of living in a residential gated community.    Style of Living :- Gated community plots in Pune provides you choicest of amenities like- market, salon & spa,amphitheatre, sports complex and many more. Clubhouse, pool, gymnasium etc are on top of the list too. These gated communities provide you all the comfort of the society in a single platter. Some of them even incorporate activities like tournaments and arrange lessons/classes within the premises too. Increased Security :- Safety & Security are the most important aspects for everyone these days.A security gate at the entrance of your community definitely increases the security aspect and  restricts any and all unwanted access.Also because only residents and invited guests are allowed through these gates,it prevents you from encountering crime and antisocial behavior  Privacy:- Gated communities are more private as the access to the community  is strictly controlled. You can get your daily business done without interference from outsider. Recreational Facilities:- Most of the gated communities are equipped with different kind of recreation facilities for their residents. Swimming pool, Amphitheatre,Playing fields,Tennis Court, Gym are just a few to name from the long list. Some places also have activities like classes and exercise too. These kinds of activities not only  give entertainment but also opportunities to socialize with fellow residents. Sense of Community:- Most of the gated communities organises neighbourhood parties, sports, tournaments,movie nights & other activities that builds bond within the community and helps in making new friends in the community. It also makes you active – socially & physically both. Reduced Traffic :- If you are bothered by  the noise & bustle of increased traffic and is looking for a neighbourhood with peace & quiet, then Gated communities are best for you. As the only traffic generally comes from the residents arriving and leaving, which tends to be minimal, gated communities gives you a sense of calmness & peace from the hustle bustle of today’s world. Safety of Pedestrians & senior Citizens:- As there are more security & controlled traffic, gated communities are definitely safer for Pedestrians than with separate home. Also in this carefree ambiance , elderly people can safely enjoy their walk or  do other recreational activities. Safer for Children:- Gated communities are safer places for children to play. While their  purpose built facilities for children keep them occupied & safe, at the same time controlled access to the community helps in ensuring less traffic hazards &  less strangers to worry about. Higher Home Standards:- Most of the gated communities maintain a higher home standard. There are often rules to ensure that the beauty & tidiness of the community is not hampered. Aso the community roads, laws & gardens, Parks & other recreational areas are well maintained so that people who live their can take pride in their home. Convenience:- All gated communities are mostly within a small distance from schools, hospitals, shopping malls & theatre. Closeness to these prime places  gives easy access to all kinds of activities, may it be regular day to day work or for any emergency or activities for socialising & relaxing. Gated community ensures a lifestyle that promotes luxury,security, peace, pleasure & comfort, all in one. They may be a little expensive but comes in different sizes & price range. They can be great investment plans as they have higher value in the market. Taking the above mentioned points into consideration, these communities behind the Gate is really worth it  and if you are looking for a residential place for yourself then gated communities should be considered.

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