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It’s tangible, it’s beautiful, it’s steady, it’s artistic and a comfort place to be you, that’s what homes are”, Pune is a great city to settle down and with that if the beautiful homes are located at fascinating sites then who wouldn’t prefer to look out. Due to the unique concepts that the Planet i group has a come up with, is growing nimbly in the industry. Creating a secure and extravagant environment in the localities is their forte as well as purpose. Now, let’s talk about luxury as that’s the latest trend set up in the industry. But the Luxurious structure comes with experience and creative designing skills. Both these are a part of Planet i Group in all means. Luxury Residential bungalow Plots in Pune with wider open space area established only for People who desire for Luxury Bungalows and Luxury villas to settle down with a peaceful ambience. Great Infrastructure and Open spacing for fresh air to take in are provided for the residents. The bungalows and villas will give the essence of Holiday Homes which is much a desire of every individual to stay, when we talk about Luxury in specific. The planet i group in Pune is building up twin luxury bungalows and luxury villas on the NA plots in Pune for the residents of Pune, So the plots are value efficient for a buyer. They are also taking care of the impeccable interiors that are designed and implemented beautifully by the professionals to give you the Holiday Home feel. The interiors of the luxury bungalows as well as luxury villas are astonishing and worthy enough to admire. Such a beautiful locality with classy interiors seems a very lucrative offer. Every Individual desires to have a better lifestyle and luxury to live apart idyllic from the city style. So, Let’s change the trend from small flats or the regular city flats to spacious villas and bungalows. In this busy world, the house is supposed to be a cosy comfortable and relaxing place to stay in, when you come home from a tiring day or love to enjoy the weekend in a cosy environment. On the other hand, the spacious bungalows and villas are also beneficial in improving the lifestyle, as you get to organize classy dinner parties or kids small get together etc. to maintain a proper social circle around you. For that, there is a requirement of elegant space and proper ventilation to fit in the people inside the homes at their comfort level. The rooms in these luxury bungalows and luxury villas are spacious as well as they have been designed lot of breathing space properly, designed by experienced professionals. So that, when beneath the walls of the house, it will be easy to unwind yourself, also feeling relaxed and comfy enough. That’s the main motive kept in mind when you look up to a house or a home to live or settle down. The dining room and kitchen have proper window ventilation as required in any housing, with wooden finishing and marble countertops giving a modish look to the kitchen with professional- quality kitchen appliances. The master bedroom and other rooms are designed in such a way that defines the luxury, elegance and comfort for the individuals to relax and enjoy the luxury just like what they’ll have in holiday homes on vacations. Upgrade your lifestyle and trending living with proper comfort zone available for every individual with these luxury bungalows and luxury villas and set your trend of luxurious lifestyle in this Pune city. Breathing fresh air within the city is a task nowadays for you and for your children as you all aware of. The Bungalows and villas will provide oxygen and they are surrounded by a lot of plants and trees, creating natural ventilation all around. Making you as well as your children air fresh and breathable as compared to the city air. The planet i group is making an effort to provide open spacing for the residents to be living in the locality also with a safe environment where kids can play on their own as per their timings and parents don’t have to worry. They can chill and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the locality. That’s like a dream come true for sure, owning such beautifully designed luxury bungalow or a luxury villa by the professionals giving the bungalows and villas a unique touch making it apart and majestic with spacious rooms, kitchen and living room far away from the city crowd and city regular designed homes. The exteriors and the surroundings are also built keeping in mind the luxury lifestyle of today’s ongoing trend with a touch of uniqueness making it different from others. The surroundings will give the residents an essence of the farmhouse and holiday homes altogether. Open areas, park to chill and walk. Also, open space for lavish parties to be held occasionally. Aesthetic homes like luxury bungalows and luxury villas with beautiful natural environmental surrounding are the new trend that people are looking for in their routine life and improving the living lifestyle. Best part it’s so nearby that the vacation spot can be enjoyed and stay in your very own holiday home. How wonderful is to taste the flavour of home and vacation holiday home at the same time. What else is better than this to have bigger space, luxurious homes with so many amenities placed within the locality, a safer environment for children to play around, a wider spread of fresh oxygen to breathe in, and classy interiors designed with great thought and with experienced professionals. This will come up to be the exotic location on the highway to live in with all the luxury that an individual can think of with an open spacing all around and a vacation spot just in neighborhood, allowing you to have positive vibes all the time.

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